Art Stuff

Dance Work (RAW 2015-2019)

This is me breaking around the world. At 5:05 is a work I co-choregraphed with Crystal Finn-Dunn as a part of Breakin’ Convention 2019.

Marić at the Lake – Choregraphic Samples (2020)

I performed and assisted in choreographing the movement for this work of image-based theatre, performed in 2020 at Henry F Hall Theatre in Montreal.

Crazy Prelim Round – Breaking (2021)

Me breaking at CDS Toronto. This is the most free I’ve ever been in a while.

Welcome to the Digital Desert – PWM YCU Showcase Reading (2022)

I’m currently working on a play, working title “Welcome to the Digital Desert”. I started writing it in 2020. I had a reading with actors live at Playwrights Workshop Montreal in 2022, directed by Johanna Nutter.