Thoughts On A Plane – YYZ to PHL 2014

People like to expect the worst in any uncertain situation, but what good does that do you? I suppose you can prepare a solution for any upcoming problems, but you can never take final action until all the facts present themselves. While on my trip, I had quite a few situations where I fantasized the worst possible outcomes. And of course, they never came to be.

Building Your Team, with Jack Groetzinger of SeatGeek

I decided to watch Jack talk about building a start up team.

What to look for in a first recruit

Versatility – In the startup, everyone’s going to be doing all sorts of things, and might not continue to be doing the things they started out doing.

Technical Skills – Not just 20 years in the IT sector, but someone who could be a front end manager, product manager, or even a product-oriented person who wants to build a great UX.

Energy  – People who aren’t salary focused, but really believe in your mission.

Think about what you imagine your team to be.


As part of my trip to Calgary, I had the opportunity to visit the (in)famously beautiful and expensive Canadian city known as Vancouver. Luckily for me, I had some very good friends who housed me for most of my stay.

How to Write Emails (that people will actually read)

Today I dropped in on a webinar for the art of email writing (not exactly copy writing heh), taught by Colin Nederkoorn, CEO of

The first question everyone was asked was, “what’s your biggest fear when writing an email”. The number one fear was essentially sending something that wouldn’t be relevant (whether it is manifested as emails not being read, or opened).

Emails should reflect the values of your business. Virgin does this pretty well. They are edgy in all of their touch points: from the airplane interior, to their website, to their email subject line (which is “Think of us as a friend with benefits”).

Spa Blueskie

Spa Blueskie asked me to do a small website for them as well. I think the execution was one of my best so far. The visual metaphor revolved around a professional yet…