Being Busy

Have you ever told yourself that you’d do something once, just once, every week? I told myself I’d write something and send it out once a week, every Thursday, but I seem to have neglected my self-imposed duty. 

Do you ever have a friend who seems to just vanish from your friend circle?

I sometimes felt disappointed or angry whenever a good friend stopped showing up in my life. But I see how things can just overwhelm you by surprise. This past week, I taught dance to about 200 twelve year olds every day for 6 hours, on top of my tax clients with the filing deadline at the end of the week. And my girlfriend visited Toronto from Montreal, plus I can’t help but want to do my training and conditioning as much as possible. I understand now. People really can fill their lives with meaningful, awesome activities and totally forget about their friends.

A toast, to all the friends who I have ever doubted.

Maybe you guys would simply forget about my blog if I stopped writing. Certain friends just fade away. We last see them one week ago, then a month, then six months, then it’s been years. At the end of the day, we all have to make choices. We all choose our lives, regardless of what we say. Many a twelve year old has claimed to not be able to attend detention because of the draconian grip their extracurricular activities have on their lives. If you do choose to stop reading my blog posts, I hope it’s because something more fruitful in your life has taken your attention. I hope too, that you reach out to that busy friend, and if they’re trying to keep to a new commitment, help them be accountable.

It’s too easy to unwittingly choose everything but our friends, even the good ones. Hold onto the good ones like you hold onto whatever extracurriculars are consuming your life, like your 40 hour workweek, your stuff, your phone apps. Don’t let your time be filled. Be conscious with your time. Choosing might mean saying no to something really good. But it’s so that you can say yes to something even better.  

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