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Hello Matt & Jamon!

As I mentioned in my video, I do web design for small businesses, which I taught myself how to do. I use HTML/CSS, and WordPress.

This was the first website I ever made for my breakdance crew in Kingston: KinetiQ Crew

Golden Swan was an up and coming massage therapy clinic based in Ottawa. They needed a new website that reflected the elegance of their method: Golden Swan

Lucky House is an Ottawa restaurant that needed an update to their old website. I used WordPress so that they could make their own menu changes: Lucky House Takeout

ProofIt was a Toronto startup that aimed to make the rental process for tenants and landlords that much easier. The website doesn’t have functionality as the startup never ended up getting off the ground: ProofIt Rentals

One of my other projects was running a YouTube channel covering the Canadian streetdance scene, where I did interviews, tutorials and battle footage of dancers across Canada, garnering over 1 million views and 6000 subscribers: BBoy North

I also tried my hand at a line of streetwear in relation to BBoy North. There were a bunch of designs that never sold, but two succeeded. Here are a few photos from a photo shoot I did:


I mentioned that I teach as well. I teach breakdancing to little kids and adults (ages 8+) in schools across Ontario, and I’ve written grants that earned me over $20k in the last few years. I’ve probably taught 1000+ kids by now, as unbelievable as that is to read.

What else can I say? I’m just happy to have taken the time to apply. It was fun to look back at what I’ve accomplished, and I hope you did too!

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