Notes from a Webinar – 4 Pages to Double Your Online Income

Clay Collins once thought that if he could double traffic to his site, he could double his income. He worked day and night to get a 20% increase in traffic, and there was some increase in sales, but not a doubling. He then tried playing around with his sales page to increase conversion, but he didn’t feel like doing it because it was just a pain in the butt for him. So what if he could double the number of people who would opt-in to an email list ? He was able to do that, and eventually double his income. He then systematically went through all of his pages to add more opt-in options, and he was able to keep doubling his revenue.

So here’s a step by step business plan that could double your online business revenue in the next 6 months. Now that Clay Collins sells software rather than information, he has no motivation to hold back on the knowledge.


1. The Resource Guide Opt-In Page

Here people opt-in to get a list of resources. E.g. opt-in to get a list of 5 tools that I use to create all my videos. This is one of the most effective ever-green opt-in pages. This out-converts an offer for a free book that took Clay an entire month to create.

Why does this work? First reason: doesn’t require someone to process too much info. It’s an easy decision to make. Second: everyone wants to know the tools that you’re using. We believe that if we only had the tools that the pros use, then we’d be as good as the pros. It’s more fun to acquire the tools rather than the skills. The best selling issues of magazines are the product guides. People WANT to know what the best tools to buy are. Third: They don’t want to spend too much time. The perceived value of videos has dropped as well. Greater value does not equal a higher conversion rate: what’s more valuable than your time??

“The top 5 safest credit-boosting home loans of this year”
“The top 5 electric toothbrushes of this year (including the one that I use”
“The top 4 iPhone Apps for increasing your productivity (including the one that I use”
“The top 5 digital marketing tools for local businesses (hint: the 3 best ones are free)”
“The only 3 pieces of exercise equipment you need in your home (hint: they all weigh less than 5 pounds)”

Something counter-intuitive in the headline makes people more likely to opt-in.

These pages are super easy to make, and convert very well right now.

2. The Lesson Page

So, they opt-in on the first page, then in an automated process they get emails that send people to lesson pages.
First, we tell them how many parts there are in the lesson series. People are much less likely to opt out when they know there’s a finish to it. Next, there’s a progress bar. Apparently humans don’t like to see things incomplete, and if there’s a progress bar, it makes people motivated to complete it. The “like” button shows to their friends that they like the opt-in page (rather than lesson page X). The comments on each page are the same and all connected to the opt-in page. It doesn’t make sense for the friend to see a comment on lesson page 3 and then go to that page; it makes more sense to lead people back to the beginning.

After someone opts-in, they get a lesson every 3 days for 6 weeks. This is where the money is made in your list; the money is in the followup. It’s an automated system that makes you money.

Every three days, create a video blog post where you teach something 100% valuable on its own. At the end point out something extra they would get in your product. E.G. tell people about your three favourite superfoods. In the last minute, tell people about how buying your coaching product from you would help them integrate these foods into their diet, other superfoods, etc.
Initially, email your entire list about these blog posts. Tell everyone! Then, add each of these posts to video lesson pages. Get 6 weeks worth of emails together. That way, everyone who is new to your site still gets to see these videos.

3. The Webinar Registration Page

Webinars have made a lot of money for Clay in terms of event based marketing. Most b2b companies use webinars to sell. Webinars provide quality traffic (the most dedicated people are going to be the ones who commit their time to you), high conversion, partnerships (you’re more likely to get someone who is vastly more influential than you to do a webinar with you), and quick product creation (both free and paid products).

Favourite type of Webinar Page
Even if no one shows up for your webinars, you should still do webinars because they will grow your list. Very high conversion rate.
A count down timer increases urgency, increasing conversion. Makes it easier for people to know when it is, and is dynamic. Being mobile responsive is important. The blurred out mindmap drives curiosity and wants people to

It’s a two step opt-in process. First they click here, then enter their email address. It creates a yes-pattern. If you can get them to say yes in a low-level of commitment, the likelihood of them getting to say yes in a higher level of commitment is greater. 100% of people who don’t make a decision about whether or not to opt-in will not opt-in. But some percentage of people who do make a decision will opt-in.

When to invite them to your webinar? Ask them after a few emails.

4. The Video Sales Page

Once you’re at the part of the video where you are actually encouraging people to buy, you show the “buy” button. Delaying the appearance of the buy button can dramatically increase conversions. It makes the page less of a sales page.


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