Eating on a Hood Budget For Noobs, Part 1

For those of you who may not know, I’m a pretty avid cook and like to make meatless preparations. I’m also one of those ‘starving-artist’ types, so going meatless is actually really nice on the wallet (and the environment; I could go on and on about how meat consumption is now devastating the environment). I recently read a blog post by Stic of Dead Prez who gave 7 tips for eating well on a hood budget. For those unfamiliar with urban vernacular, a hood budget is a small budget, as the hood usually refers to an area of lower income individuals. In a nutshell, the tips revolve around eating fresh vegetables and fruits versus processed and packaged foods, and planning out your meals versus eating flippantly and on convenience. I decided to share my own experiences with these tips, and how you can get started!