What I learned from trying to do 1000 push ups

Today, my body feels really sore. Specifically, my pectoralis and my abdominals. It’s been a while since I last felt so sore, and all because of this obnoxious brown guy named Ramit Sethi. I recently signed up for his email course on how to 20x my potential. He was talking about Navy Seal training and how intense it was. Jokingly I thought to myself, I can do about 40-60 push ups in one go, is he going to make me 800-1200 push ups then? Lo and behold, the first day’s challenge was to do 1000 push ups and to hold a 21 minute plank. Surprisingly, I wasn’t that surprised. I half-expected it. I knew about some high school kid in Scarborough who regularly did that many push ups in a day. So, naturally, I just tried it.