What is Disappointment?

Chris Brogan at WDS had an interesting way of looking at disappointment. To paraphrase, if someone says to you, I’m very disappointed in you, what they’re really saying is ‘you didn’t live your life according to what *I* had planned for your life’.

What expectations do others place on you? What expectations do you place on yourself? Understanding the difference can make this kind of rejection a lot easier to deal with, and almost inspiring. Perhaps you failed in one respect, but from our failures we are able to learn and grow. A cliched topic, but an interesting way of looking at disappointment.

The photo is a shot from a trip to Niagara Falls. I was disappointed that my camera batteries had died (and I wasn’t sure where to get replacements), but I ended up finding a dollar store that had them in stock. Not exactly the same kind of disappointment, but I thought I’d include a picture for you 🙂

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